Mili Chargui

Científico Titular de OPIS
Dpto. de Economía y Geografía Aplicadas
Sistemas Agroalimentarios y Desarrollo Territorial (SADT)
916022399 / Extensión interna: 441157
Curriculum Vitae

Samir Mili holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and a MSc in Agri-Food Marketing from the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM).

He is currently Senior Scientist and Director of the Department of Applied Economics and Geography at the Institute of Economics, Geography and Demography (IEGD) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid.

Dr Mili has over 30 years professional experience focusing on economic and policy analysis related to agriculture and the food industry, with special attention to food marketing and supply chains, agricultural trade and policy, business models for sustainable food systems, and Euro-Mediterranean relations in agriculture and food. He has coordinated numerous national and international projects, and authored or co-authored over 120 scientific publications including various books.

He has collaborations with various international organizations including the European Commission, the World Bank, the OECD, FAO, UNESCO, CIHEAM, the International Olive Council, as well as numerous universities and international research centres.

Dr. Mili served as expert evaluator, project reviewer and rapporteur for the Research Executive Agency (REA) and the Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, and for the EU Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA). He also has been project and program evaluator for numerous agencies and international foundations, including the Spanish State Research Agency, the BBVA Foundation, the Italian Cariplo Foundation, and the Swedish International Foundation for Science. He is Associate Editor of New Medit and a reviewer of over 40 international scientific journals.

Dr. Mili has been member of the Steering Committees of several European projects, and has participated in Scientific Committees of many international conferences. He has given presentations and lectures in international seminars and conferences in over 30 countries. He served as Visiting Professor at Universities of Bologna (Italy) and Cordoba (Spain). He has supervised numerous MSc and PhD thesis. He is active member of various professional associations including the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) and the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE), as well as various research networks such as the International Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks. Dr. Mili has received various academic distinctions including the National Prize for Agricultural Publications awarded by the Spanish Government.

Food marketing and supply chains. Agricultural trade and policy. Sustainable business models and food systems. Euro-Mediterranean relations in agriculture and food