María Esther
Hernández Hernández

Profesor de Investigación de OPIS
Dept. of Language and Discourse Analysis
Spanish, Language Variation and Linguistic Technologies
916022521 / Extensión interna: 441422

Redes sociales


I am Research professor at the State Agency Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and responsible for the group Spanish Language, Linguistic Variation, and Language Technologies at the Institute of Language, Literature, and Anthropology (ILLA).

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Philology (Linguistics) from the Universidad Complutense and a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Albany (1993). My contributions focus on dialectology and Spanish in the Americas, lexicology and lexicography, and historiography and missionary linguistics.

Currently, I am the principal investigator of the project "Model of a digital and hypertextual edition of the DRAE 1884. The presence of America in the dictionary" [PID2022-136666NB-C22] financed by MICIU/AEI/10.13039/501100011033 and by FEDER, EU. I have also directed the project of the "Lexical Treasury of Americanisms in Hispano-Amerindian Vocabularies (1550-1800) TELEAM," as well as the "Corpus of Ibero-American Bilingual Vocabularies (16th-18th centuries)" in three successive stages. I have led several special initiatives at the international level, the CCHS/CSIC-El Colegio de México Agreement and I-LINK; and I have been a member of a national project (BBVA Foundation Grants for Scientific Research Teams in Digital Humanities) and an international one (UNAM FES/Acatlán) in the last years.

I have held various institutional representation positions, such as member of the CSIC Global Society Area Commission, elected member of the ILLA Board, and head of the Spanish Language Department. I am a member of the Advisory Council of the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE), of the New Economy of Language.

In recent years, I have produced various materials for scientific dissemination about Spanish, Spanish of the Americas and the Nebrija' centenary, both in writing and audiovisuals. I have helped identify archival materials at the Tomás Navarro Tomás Library. I have edited a digital archive glosariomedieval.csic and the Digital Archive Philology in the Silver Age.

I am part of the CSIC Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform on Spanish as a language of scientific communication, ES-CIENCIA, and I have participated in White Paper 1 (Humanities and Social Sciences) of the Scientific Challenges 2030 of the CSIC.

I am the editor of the Revista de Filología Española and its Anejos collection.