Social and Economic History and Historiography of Europe in the Modern Age

Researcher in charge: Francisco Fernández Izquierdo



The activity of the research group focuses on the study and analysis of European society in its evolution from the middle ages to the era of industrialization and even later, with special attention to the areas of the economy, politics and infrastructures, as well as the one concerning recent historiography published in Spain and its diffusion.

The aims are to investigate economics in practical cases, such as:

  • - the performance of credit and taxation during the period 1550-1650 and evaluate their consequences over social groups in a pre-industrial context.
  • - the foundations of the foreign trade of Spain with the “Northern countries” (England, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, The Hansa and France) between 1550 and 1700, valuing the role of such activity in the European policy of the Catholic monarchy.
  • - the public management of building and maintaining infrastructures.

It will be continued the research line on recent historiography published in Spain and its diffusion, framing the results and offering a channel's visibility of the group.


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