Trabajos de Prehistoria

Trabajos de Prehistoriais the Spanish Journal of Prehistory that appears most regularly. Created by Professor Dr. Martín Almagro Basch in 1960, it was a monograph series until 1968 when it was changed into annual journal. In 1994 it became the only semestral periodical of its speciality published in the Iberian Peninsula. The first issue comes out in June and the second in December. The continuous appearance of the journal, its general scope, and the quality of its content have given it a preeminent position in Iberia and an important one on the international scene. TP is a specialized journal essential for every archaeologist interested in the Prehistory and Protohistory of the Iberian Peninsula. It stresses synthesis, interdisciplinary studies, papers on theory and method, and new trends in this developing discipline. TP incorporates, as well, the most recent concerns of prehistorians in Archaeological Heritage management. It also contains special sections for scientific discussion, book reviews and scientific chronicle.

Trabajos de Prehistoria is indexed in Arts & Humanities Citation Index, A&HCI (ISI, USA); Social Sciences Citation Index, SSCI (ISI, USA); SCOPUS (Elsevier B.V., NL); Francis (CNRS-INIST, FRA); Anthropological Literature (Tozzer Library, Harvard University, USA); Periodical Index Online, PIO (Chadwick-Healey, ProQuest, UK);  ISOC (CSIC, SPA); Latindex (in Catalogue) and European Reference Index for the Humanities, ERIH (ESF).