Estudios Geográficos

Founded in 1940 by the Institute Juan Sebastián Elcano at the CSIC, the Estudios Geográficos journal published quarterly until 2004 articles on geographical research, news, commentaries, as well as reviews of current publications. Since 2005, is published half yearly. Estudios Geográficos is addressed to the academy and research and accepts theoretical and methodological treatises, analyses of the geographical areas of Spain, principally, as well as articles from related sciences such as cartography, geology, ecology, forestry, economics, demography, and sociology. In addition, the journal has also incorporated articles on new information technologies, e.g. Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing.

Estudios Geográficos is indexed in SCOPUS (Elsevier B.V., NL); Georef (American Geological Institute, USA); GEOBASE (Elsevier B.V., USA); URBADOC (Urbandata, ES, FR, DE, HU, IT); Handbook of Latin America Studies, HLAS (Library of Congress, USA);Francis (CNRS-INIST, FRA); Periodical Index Online, PIO (Chadwick-Healey, ProQuest, UK); ISOC (CSIC, SPA); Latindex (in Catalogue) and European Reference Index for the Humanities, ERIH (ESF).